Stock Market Is Down BIG for a second day 2023

Another beautiful day in the market all red stocks were down. I lovedown I love these days guys Amazon just reported minutes ago they crushed it 93 cents EPS versus 60 cents expected 143 billion in Revenue versus 141. 5 they absolutely crutched that they’re up 5 and a half 5?

after hours we’ll get into that a little bit later in this video. Mo Bigvideo Mo big report this morning about GDP yeah what the GDP number too big GDP they were expecting 4. 7% they got four 0. 9% I thought that was going to be bad for markets and at first the markets were up, and I was like okay I guess not because I thought people would say this is good news for the economy, but that’s not good for the FED because the FED wants to keep things tame they want to raise rates again and then as the day went on things started to plummet yeah,

Stock Market Is Down BIG for a second day
Stock Market Is Down BIG for a second day

and I’m I do think it’s probably people are thinking they’re going to raise interest rates, or they’re going to keep rates where they are at least correct and when you think about it, I mean what’s the mortgage rate right now 8. 1% on age depends on who you look at but yeah it’s high it’s high yeah you know and the other thing is you saw Facebook yesterday Facebook reported they crushed they were up a ton, and then they finished today how do they finish today Mo check right now meta finished the day down 11 bucks to 288 it got as low as 27950 I believe during the day but to finish down 3. 7% who knows what happens to Amazon in the morning um,

but Amazon right now is up 42% so good for them, they crushed it they’re actually starting to make money with which is wonderful for every single Amazon Bull out there who says Paul you don’t get it they’re just compounding on themselves, and I’m like they have half a trillion dollars in Revenue how are they not generating big cash flow um there’ll be a lot of guidance on AWS because if you saw yesterday Google declined because they were a little shy on cloud computing Revenue, so the question is the leader in cloud computing is whom Amazon with AWS,

so I think there’s going to be a lot of focus on where is Among reporting their AWS Revenue that would be a big thing, but the initial reaction is very positive for Amazon uh Mo could you go ahead say that yeah Google finished down almost two almost 3% today yeah 2. 65% that’s on top of their almost 10?y yesterday yeah 9 and a half yesterday you’re right do you mind pulling up um Amazon let’s see how it does after hours on the um after hours ticker okay, so we’re going to keep Amazon up lets um let’s talk over the market guys another big red day very popular video we did yesterday because I think that people are starting to realize that when days are red it’s an opportunity for you,

I report the stock market GDP ratio every day it dropped a lot because GDP jumped up Weiser and stocks lower yesterday, so it went from 70% overvalued yesterday to 65% today nice yeah but the 10 year Call adjusted PE stay the same because it hasn’t updated doesn’t have as big of an update as the stock the GDP of the United States right GDP is up a lot of guys 4. 9% is real GDP after inflation that’s really high I mean somebody actually in the community I didn’t see it until the person in the community showed it to me, and I was like before I responded to him,

I went and double-checked because I thought they made a typo it was like nearly 5? mn yeah and guys red numbers though Stamp;P down 1. 2% Dow down. 76 NASDAQ Tech heavy magnificent 7 down 1. 76 and you want talk about these magnificent 7 you go and look at Apple today let’s see what Apple was down 2 and a half at Nvidia today um down three and a half, so these Magnificent Seven are starting to not so magnificent and mo you talked about 406 being a magic number for NVIDIA to close under based on technical analysis not based on our fundamentals whole day all I wanted is just close under 406, and we closed under 406 426 all right now guys anything can happen of course,

but it’s an it’s just another piece of the puzzle yeah, so we’re sitting here, and we’re like okay this is the market we want you to be able to learn that all this noise out there all this reporting means nothing what matters is the fundamentals of the business that’s what really matters to us, and you look at Amazon they reported great numbers, but a company can be great, but you pay too much for it if that makes sense to you then this is a article for you subscribe because we’re trying to teach you that every investment is the present value of all future cash flow and all these numbers out there there are tens of thousands of economic data points that you can look at and blame and get excited, but news follows stock prices

when stocks are down they’re going to pick whatever the news justifies that when stocks are up they’re going to pick whatever in the news justify that look at Meta was at $88 a share less than one year ago it is now at $288 per share after falling from 330 in the last year guys that’s crazy to be up almost four times three and a half times that’s not rational I don’t want to hear anybody tell me that markets are rational I don’t guess what even if you don’t want to pick individual stocks this is also the article because it’s all about being in the right mindset that

when the world feels like it’s falling apart we will be the ones there for you to help you realize that the world has looked like it’s going to fall apart before, and it never ever does MH never ever do we’ve been through assassinations terrorist attacks Wars so all these things you can imagine oil embargoes everything you can imagine,

and the stocks still end up going in the long run and look to get things on sale be happy about them yes you know what funny I was I have a Black Friday list in my phone it’s things that I want to buy that I don’t need but if they’re on sale I’m going to buy them and I start this thing January oh I mean it’s like it let’s see is it that caddy thing that I got Mikey that’s one because you’re waiting for so long for a $250 sale on a $3,000 item well that one’s going to it’s like an $800 sale you think it will be, but I don’t need it, so I’m like yeah I might as well safe $800 like a vessel golf bag if I can save nice leather golf bag some aloe clothing like a backbone maybe it’ll be $50 off, but it’s but the these are things that I don’t need,

but it’s like I want them on sale it’s like stocks I’m being patient you might sit there and say well Paul we need stocks well guys look at my watch list my watch list is made up of 91 companies that I would like to buy and the prices of which I want to buy them all I do is just sit there and wait that’s all I do, and then I get a notification Paul the stock hit your price great I’ll go buy it now that’s it, or

I’ll go do more research to determine if it’s the really right price, but I’m not going to waste my time if a company has to fall in half before I’m interested I’m not going to spend any more time in the company I’m just going to sit there do my numbers be conservative be aggressive and our stock analyzer tool and then put my watch price number and that’s that so guys whatever happens in the future we will be here we own stocks now even though stocks are falling I buy stocks pretty much every single week I own 13 stocks

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