Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home – The Full Guide

Elefant style travel beauty and home a definitive aide has all you really want to be aware of life with Elefant from smart dieting, to capitalizing on your closet, to pressing tips and parts more! Figure out how you can end your life out and about with Elefant and encourage sure you look perfect and regardless of where you are or what you’re doing! Keep in mind, Elefant Style doesn’t simply apply to travel! We have heaps of tips to make any part of your life run as expected!

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home – Everything You Need to Know

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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Is there such an amazing concept as travel beauty? How would I style my hair while I’m an extended getaway? What would it be advisable for me to gather in my bag? This far-reaching guide will assist you with exploring the whole course of preparing previously, during, and after your outing, so you can put your best self forward and feel sure any place your travels take you. The conceivable outcomes are inestimable with regard to investigating the world, yet with these reliable tips, you’ll make certain to make the most out of each and every excursion! How about we start with pressing tips…

What is the Petit Elefant Style?

The Petit Elefant Style is your go-to manual for being slick, coordinated, and ready for any event. It resembles having your very own design beautician to assist you with making a look that is remarkably you while ensuring you’re on the pattern.

You won’t ever need to stress over failing to remember your morning schedule again when all that’s recorded in a charming little organizer. Also, it makes shopping such a great deal more straightforward! You can track down all that from clothes to bedding at the snap of a button. You don’t need to leave your home!

And the best part is that with elefant style there are no restrictions to what you can do or wear. With their basic plan, you can spruce up or dress down any piece relying upon what mind-set strikes you. The petit elefant style isn’t only great for traveling; they are sufficiently flexible to be utilized working or play.

With their eye catching tones and prints, they will bring a feeling of imperativeness into your life any place they are utilized! There is no real way to be exhausted while utilizing these styles. Whether you’re styling yourself for an occasion or simply need something else, this post has got you covered!

As somebody who has been following these styles throughout recent years, I’m eager to impart my top picks to you. Look underneath and prepare to begin carrying on with a cheerful and brilliant life.

What is a Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and home Blog?

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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The beauty business is dependably keeping watch for recent fads and styles. Petit Elefant is here to make it simple for you to keep steady over the most recent in beauty and home. We want to make that you can find all that you really want to be familiar with the most recent patterns, right readily available.

Where you can track down the best beauty items and get tips on the most proficient method to execute them at home. We trust that this blog will motivate you, kindly offer your input with us! Your feedback makes a big difference to us as we maintain that this blog should be what you need.

So remark beneath and how about we talk beauty, style, and travel! Here is our most memorable post: petit elefant beauty pattern watch. Each season there are recent fads springing up out of control, yet which ones would it be a good idea for us to focus on? We should investigate the absolute most recent.

What are other hot beauties and styles?: New hair colors like copper and honey are advancing into the established press. Sans sulfate shampoos have assumed control over the market since they contain no unforgiving fixings.

Everything eyeshadow related are moving; metallic shades appear to be extremely well known.
Ultimately, splendid lipsticks are required off this year and everybody appears to adore them!

When Should I Use the Petit Elefant Style?

The Petit Elefant Style is ideally suited for those with a more moderate lifestyle. It contains every one of the basics to make a home spa experience, regardless of whether you’re in a hurry. Whether it’s your three-day weekend or you’re enjoying some time off from work, there’s no more excellent method for unwinding than spoiling yourself with some truly necessary taking care of yourself.

Sitting in a bath toward the finish of a debilitating day may not be doable for everybody. Notwithstanding, on the grounds that you’re in a hurry doesn’t imply that you can’t in any case partake in an at-home spa treatment! All you want is this handy portable set that incorporates all that one necessity to feel like they’ve been blessed to receive an excursion while never having ventured out from home.

The Petit Elefant Style contains quality items, for example, a body scours, foot cream, shower gel, and more. Bundled in a simple to-convey pack, the petite unit has space for five toiletries, including cleanser and conditioner. There are likewise three distinct towels accessible so you can pick what best suits your taste and need: towel wrap, hand towel, or washcloth.

How to Choose the Best Petit Elefant Style Travel Bag for Your Needs?

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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There are numerous petit Elefant Style travel packs that are accessible for procurement. To pick the best one for your necessities, think about these highlights:

1. Size of the pack – it ought to be sufficiently little to carry on your flight, however huge enough to hold your fundamental things as a whole.
2. Weight of the pack – you don’t need a weighty sack burdening your arm as you stroll through an air terminal or up a step to get your flight!
3. Cost – you could find a reasonable petit Elefant Style travel pack with every one of the highlights you’re searching for.
4. Take a gander at the sack does this brand have other styles that are enticement for you?
5. Is there a guarantee presented by the organization? What is their merchandise exchange?
6. Item surveys check the thing other clients have said about this item prior to buying it with the goal that you know what’s in store while getting it face to face!
All in all, ensure you consider every one of the six variables referenced above while settling on which petit Elefant Style travel pack will be best for you. Keep in mind, no one but you can go with the last choice since everybody has various requirements!

Who is the founder of Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home?

Genevieve Santos, a little writing material proprietor, established Le Petit Elefant in 2009 as a little travel beauty and home organization. Subsequently, she could communicate her inward world through her imaginative works and exhibit her inventive items to the world.

Her items mirror the imaginative encounters she acquired while traveling, which is Genevieve Santos’ fundamental trademark. The craftsman Genevieve Santos traveled to 31 nations and directed top to bottom imaginative examination in every one.

How can I keep my home looking beautiful while I’m away?

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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You have a couple of choices with regards to dealing with your home while you are out and about. To begin with, you could enlist a servant or house cleaner administration. On the other hand, you could ask loved ones to drop in for a little while sometimes to deal with any crises that could emerge (like your canine becoming ill).

At long last, if you believe should do however much as could reasonably be expected all alone prior to leaving, arrange everything so it is not difficult to track down while away. Keep additional tissue, cleaning supplies, and other fundamentals close to the front entryway so they will be prepared to utilize when you get back. To wrap things up, try to put resources into a video doorbell with WiFi usefulness like Ring which can permit you to see who’s at your entryway regardless of whether you’re not home.

Like that, you don’t have to stress over missing bundles or having bundles taken from outside your front entryway. You should simply hang tight for the warning from your telephone and watch what’s going on live! Video Doorbells are ideally suited for traveling homeowners since they accompany free all day, every day proficient observing, meaning regardless of where you are on the planet, there will constantly be somebody looking after your home.

What are some of the best beauty treatments available for long-haul travel?

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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Long-stretch flights can unleash devastation on your skin, however, there are a couple of ways of combatting the impacts.

  • Shed the prior night you fly to eliminate dead cells from your face. This will make your skin more brilliant and make an obstruction between your skin and the dry lodge air.
  • Apply lip medicine with SPF 15 or higher somewhere around two times while traveling to shield your lips from drying out. And recollect reapplying each time you eat or drink something! Pack hand sanitizer for when you don’t approach cleanser and water. On the off chance that accessible, utilize a saturating salve as it’ll be ingested better compared to saturating cream.
  • In conclusion, avoid liquor and jazzed drinks which could prompt drying out. You ought to likewise abstain from washing your hair again and again during long stretch travel as this will just prompt item development in your hair that will require additional washing post-flight.
  • Dry cleanser is your closest companion in these circumstances; it’ll retain an overabundance oil on your scalp and give you a crisp-smelling mane for those bothersome meet-and-welcomes! – Try not to wear cosmetics when conceivable since extended periods of being under counterfeit light might cause breakouts. –
  • Keep your lips hydrated by applying chapstick (pack some!) over the course of the day.
    Convey along a smaller-than-normal brush and brush in the event that you’re heading off to someplace where washroom accessibility isn’t ensured (i.e., numerous global objections) so you can dispose of in the middle between shampooing meetings.

Interview with the Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home Founder

A productive artist, Genvieve Santos travels the world searching for stories and materials to integrate into her works. She draws motivation from one side of the planet to the other, including KPop bands, animation characters, and neighborhood food varieties. Everything has a story behind it.

I love elephants and the book “The Little Ruler,” or “Le Petit Ruler” in French, so I joined the two into a tune called “Le Petit Elefant.” I am sorry in the event that I spelled “Elefant” mistakenly. In spite of the way that my name and the organizations are both French, I’m not French and don’t have a clue about the language.

As well as being a transitory addict and an artist, Genevieve has consistently drawn since she can recollect. Probably, she was presented the most exceedingly terrible 5-year-old to watch kid’s shows with, since she frequently recorded them on VHS tape and concentrated on them outline by outline.

For as far back as decade, Genevieve has traveled the world, finding failed to remember legend and integrating these records into her works of art. To communicate her undying enthusiasm for finding new experiences, she made her own organization, Le Petit Elefant, in 2009. The craftsmanship she makes is all her very own constant mixing of educational encounters, the impact of her critical connections, her incessant excursions, and her genuine warmth for frozen yogurt.

Genevieve’s organizational activities are all handled by her. From planning to attracting to printing, to scoring and pressing, Genevieve makes all the texture cuts manually and likewise, hand sews the rich creatures as a whole. Albeit troublesome, it is out of affection. Since she travels so frequently, she doesn’t have a studio that she considers her own.

In any case, she has made frameworks that permit her to maintain her business from a distance, in any event, during her many undertakings all over the planet. In other words, there’s much of the time a slick tale about how she made a particular plan for her as well as claiming a writing material organization called Le Petit Elefant, Genevieve Santos is likewise an artist who lives in San Jose, California.

As a little kid, she visited 31 countries, once in a while journeying, here and there traveling by campervan, in some cases traveling alone, however never without a sketchbook. Her initial enthusiasm for movement motivated her to catch even the littlest subtleties in her drawings. Frozen yogurt is additionally her #1 treat.

Why is Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home so popular?

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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Petit Elefant is a lifestyle blog for ladies who are in a hurry. With more than 50,000 supporters, it’s no big surprise that the site has acquired such a lot of prevalence. They offer counsel on the most proficient method to gather your pack, what to carry with you while you’re traveling, how to keep your skin looking perfect while you’re away from home, and considerably more.

For their articles as a whole, incorporate bit-by-bit guidelines and give photographs to assist with giving visual direction too. You can likewise find style motivation, design tips, and ways of getting a charge out of life while you’re out on the planet! Their travel guides are complete and everyone remembers tips for what fundamentals to pack, what baggage is the most appropriate for various sorts of travel needs, in surveys, and more.

There’s even an application where you can store your number one thing as a whole! Whether you’re arranging an end-of-the-week escape or traveling abroad for quite a long time at a time this blog will have something for everybody.

What are the effects of Petit Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home?

Petit Elefant Style Home is your all-inclusive resource for everything travel, beauty, and home. Whether you’re searching for a slick portable suitcase to accommodate your satchel or a healthy skin item that will give you that spa experience without the time or cost, we have what you’re searching for.

With our items, which are organized by superstar beauticians with an eye for extravagance, you’ll continuously look amazing regardless of where on earth your travels take you. And it’s simple – only pursue our pamphlet!

You’ll gain admittance to extraordinary offers, top tips on the most proficient method to pack, and fresh introductions conveyed directly to your inbox so you can remain in front of the patterns. Besides, assuming you end up out of any of your number one items while traveling, we’ll send them right to your lodging for nothing. We take care of you any place life takes you.

Goods items in short

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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Notwithstanding travel photography, Do-It-Yourself projects, beauty items, and home stylistic themes, they expect to shock and enjoyment you with unique thoughts that you can use in your home to make a calming, agreeable environment.

Genevieve Santos, the proprietor of the variety, loves nature and is an admirer of workmanship and imaginative articulation. Her feelings were communicated with spirits.

Along these lines, she empties her adoration into every one of her items, planning them with her own nonexistent sentiments. This mirrors the regular beauty and feelings of the world.
Children’s toys are among the merchandise on offer. Many are motivated by representations from kids’ books.

Genevieve Santos

Until the age of 30, Genevieve Santos traveled to 31 nations and wrote top to bottom imaginative tests. Accordingly, she gathered innovative materials.

Utilizing her learning and her specialty, she set off to make what she adored. She was the artist of the Daisy Visionary kids’ book series prior to the beginning of Le Petit Elefant.

Traveling is something Genevieve Santos loves. From her travel encounters, she attempted to follow through with something. The outcome is Le Petit Elefant. If you have any desire to do things like her, pull out all the stops. As an overall individual, you are allowed to do anything that you want whether or not you are a traveler.

Travel offers new encounters to the people who love it. In the event that you are a traveler, you could possibly accomplish more. To travel, you really want to realize the places of interest and meet the local area expert. To have the correct headings and data, you really want the right assets. There are a few valuable tips and thoughts in the blog that you can use to support your travel thoughts.

How To Pack Comfortable (for all seasons)

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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The way to press easily is layering. Wearing layers will keep you warm in chilly climates, and cool in sweltering weather, and can add a little bonus to your outfit in the event that the event calls for it.

Essential layers ought to incorporate clothing, a shirt or tank top, a long-sleeved shirt or sweater, a sweatshirt/coat (contingent upon where you’re going), a scarf for warmth/style/security from the sun, shades, or a cap for daylight insurance/design.

Uncertain of what shoes to pack? One set of strolling shoes (like tennis shoes) and one set of sandals are incredible go-to choices. You could likewise need to bring an extra arrangement of clothes, in the event your gear gets lost or postponed.

How To Pack Elegantly (like on Instagram)

Pressing for an excursion can be overpowering and tedious, so we made this pressing rundown to get you out of the entryway with all that you really want. Print it out, confirm what you want as you go, and presto! Your baggage will be pressed in a matter of seconds. On the off chance that you’re anticipating shopping at your objective, make a point to bring your number one stores’ business cards or an image of their site on your telephone. When you find something that gets your attention, simply snap a picture of the sticker price and look into the store’s location on Google Guides. You’ll have the option to tell the distance away the store is from where you are remaining and know whether or not it merits traveling through town.

Also, attempt to pack clothes that can be blended and matched like dress jeans, pants, stockings, shirts, and sweaters in unbiased varieties like dark, naval force blue, khaki green, or burgundy red. It makes preparing simpler when you should simply change your top or shoe tone as indicated by where you’re going every day!

What to Wear in Hot Countries

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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Wear clothes that are light in variety, and texture, and plan to mirror the daylight. In the event that you will be outside the entire day, contemplate wearing a cap or scarf to safeguard your face from the sun. You can likewise involve sunscreen on any uncovered skin for added security. In the event that you’ll be sitting in a cooled vehicle more often than not, consider trading out a portion of your standard dress things for ones made of cooler materials like cotton or cloth.

To keep cool while inside, dress in layers so you can eliminate some on a case-by-case basis. It’s likewise useful to have a couple of fans around the house and vehicle so that there’s generally one accessible when now is the ideal time to get away from the intensity!

What to Wear in Cold Countries

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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The best thing to do while traveling in cool nations is to layer. Wear ragged layers that are not difficult to take off in the event that you get excessively warm, yet in addition pack a few thicker things like fleece socks, a scarf, gloves, and a cap. I suggest pressing somewhere around two sets of shoes: one for outside (snow boots) and one for inside (slip-on tennis shoes).

Remember your shades! Shades with energized focal points help safeguard against snow visual impairment brought about by the impression of daylight off the snow. Sunscreen can assist with forestalling skin malignant growth and permit you to appreciate additional time outside without requiring a cap or hoodie the entire day.

How To Do Your Hair For Every Occasion

Having a messy hair day can destroy your entire look, yet that doesn’t mean you need to go around with chaotic locks. Whether you need to shake a smooth pigtail or carve out an opportunity to make a convoluted updo, we take care of you. Here are a few speedy tips on the most proficient method to do your hair for each event:

-Assuming you want a low-support hairstyle that actually looks set up, decide on a simple bun or muddled bun. Simply wrap all of your hair into a free pigtail (or two) and secure it firmly at the scruff of your neck with bobby pins. To keep things more relaxed, evaluate a top bunch all things being equal!

-To get waves in your braids without going through hours blow drying them set up, rest on them wet in the wake of washing them. Toward the beginning of the day, sift through your waves utilizing your fingers or a wide toothbrush while they’re actually clammy.

How To Take Care of Your Skin While Travelling

Elefant Style Travel Beauty and Home
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The air in planes can be so dry, however fortunately there are a couple of simple methods for aiding to keep your skin hydrated when you’re in a hurry. Keep a little travel-sized cream handy to apply over the course of the day, and ensure you hydrate. Bring along an over-the-counter treatment like Polysporin or Neosporin to deal with any issues that could emerge while you’re out and about.

It’s likewise savvy to pack allergy meds (regardless of whether they simply have some tired time spices) since sensitivities can erupt much more while traveling. Continuously carry bandages with you as well! For a lavish at-home spa experience: Exploit throughout the entire those trips by pressing a few mitigating medicinal oils – lavender is perfect for unwinding, peppermint will stimulate your brain, and frankincense is perfect for center.


Much thanks to you for perusing the elegant style travel beauty and home aide. Ideally, this has assisted you with finding out about how to deal with yourself while traveling. There are countless ways of making your getaway more agreeable. I trust that you can utilize a portion of these tips the following time you take some time off! – Remain Sound, Remain Delightful

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