The Daily Disguise: A Fashion and Beauty Blog by Lucy No-1

A Fashion and Beauty Blog by Lucy, the essayist, and maker of The Day to day Mask, has an enthusiasm for fashion and beauty. She particularly adores everything unique, exceptional, and peculiar. You’ll constantly find her evaluating new items and being inventive with her cosmetics and garments.

Lucy likewise loves to impart her style to everybody in The Day to day Mask and proposition tips on working on one’s appearance to stand apart from the group! The Day to day Camouflage will be refreshed all week long, so try to look at it! Partake in your visit!

What’s happening on the catwalk, which beauty items are moving, and what’s at a bargain at neighborhood shops and stores — you need to know everything, and Lucy needs to be the one to tell you!

From superstar haircuts and shopping advisers for cosmetics, instructional exercises and tips for how to find the ideal sets of pants, Day to day Mask is your all-in-one resource for everything fashion and beauty!

A Fashion and Beauty Blog by Lucy in her mission to make fashion fun again by pursuing the most recent directions, shopping shrewdly, and investigating her freshly discovered love of cosmetics.

The Daily Disguise: A Fashion and Beauty Blog by Lucy

About The Daily Disguise – A Fashion and Beauty Blog by Lucy

Lucy is an ardent fashion and beauty devotee who has consistently adored learning about fashion and beauty news. Propelled by her #1 magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan, she made a blog where she could share her considerations on the most recent in fashion and beauty patterns with different devotees of these ventures.

From separating, the most recent runway assortments to sharing a portion of her latest beauty find, The Day to day Mask is the ideal blog for anybody searching for some motivation. Whether you’re keen on finding the freshest beauty items or need to understand what your #1 famous people are wearing on some random day, this blog will have something a good fit for you.

Daily Disguise Found

A Fashion and Beauty Blog by Lucy began The Everyday Camouflage in 2010 after she read a meeting with Coco Chanel in which the unbelievable originator said that a lady who doesn’t wear scent has no future. Roused to make a novel blog in light of her style, Lucy set off on a mission to investigate her affection for fashion and beauty.

She immediately found that finding top notch items at sensible costs was surprisingly troublesome. Thus, she made this blog to archive her shopping encounters with audits and proposals for all kinds of people. She likewise incorporates ways to dress well when work is business easygoing or proficient clothing fitting.

What is Lucy’s approach to the blog?

Lucy’s way to deal with The Day to day Mask is about fashion, beauty, and her life. She needs to share how she carries on with her existence with her perusers so they can get some motivation for their own lives. In The Day to day Mask, you’ll find posts about fashion patterns, cosmetics tips, hairdos, beauty items audits, home adorning thoughts and Do-It-Yourself projects.

There will be a lot of content that is drawing in and enjoyable to peruse! It’s not only a blog-it’s more similar to a web-based magazine where you’ll continuously have a new thing to get familiar with each day. Perusers are welcome to buy in the upper right corner to never pass up any further updates.

Remember to remark in the event that you partake in the blog or on the other hand assuming there is anything you would like us to post from here on out!
There are a few objectives Lucy has set for herself, for example, becoming one of the top web journals in her specialty and positioning higher on Google look than different destinations in this classification. Her definitive objective?

Dreams of Lucy’s future with her blog

Lucy’s blog is a spot to share her inclinations in fashion and beauty with the world. She trusts it will develop into a fruitful business with perusers from everywhere in the world. Hopefully, she will get by on her affection for fashion and beauty.
She fantasizes having the option to chip away at the blog full-time while as yet accomplishing something different as an afterthought to bring in some cash so she can live easily.

In the event that this doesn’t occur, she will keep pursuing her objectives gradually.
A Fashion and Beauty Blog by Lucy anticipates voyaging on a more regular basis and living it up with work since she cherishes what she does! Lucy as of now functions as a server at an Italian café during the day, which gives her time during the night hours to deal with the blog.

Occasionally are more occupied than others, and Lucy never realizes how long she’ll have for composing new satisfied. At the point when there are a couple of hours left in her day, generally when there’s heaps of schoolwork or different responsibilities occupying time, Lucy probably won’t post anything new.

Lucy’s Inspiration for her blog

I appreciate cosmetics, hair, and garments to make various styles. I like to share my #1 outfits from around the web and get criticism from perusers on their thought process of them. I additionally appreciate finding out about new beauty items, so I will remember that for my posts.

The most awesome aspect of running this blog is getting to know such countless individuals overall who are similarly as keen on fashion and beauty as I’m! I as of late began a little series called What’s In My Pack? where I take pictures of what I convey day to day for the everyday schedule and afterward explain to you why these things are vital for me.
I truly want to believe that you appreciate perusing the blog and following my experiences in style and beauty since it would be an honor to assume you were one of my devotees.

Recent posts from Daily Disguise

We tell you the best way to style your hair, cosmetics, garments, and all more every day. We likewise highlight the most recent patterns in fashion and beauty – so assuming that you’re searching for outfit motivation or tips on the best way to style your hair, make a point to look at us! Pursue our pamphlet to remain refreshed with our blog entries (connect in bio).

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Lucy’s style is natural.

Lucy is an LA-based fashion blogger who cherishes the specialty of mask. She accepts that beauty is more than shallow, and you ought to never need to feel like you’re wearing an outfit outwardly to be your valid self within.

Whether cosmetics free or full glitz, Lucy generally feels dazzling in light of the fact that, at her center, she knows she’s wonderful, and that is the only thing that is in any way important. With regards to seeing as the best version of yourself, what makes the biggest difference isn’t what you look like yet the way that certain you feel in yourself. That is the reason Lucy believes everybody should embrace their regular beauty and love themselves for what their identity is.

She uses a lot of natural makeup.

I really love normal cosmetics, particularly for everyday use. I love the delightful way it looks on me, yet additionally in light of the fact that not loaded with every one of the cruel synthetics can’t resist the urge to saturate your skin after some time. It feels a lot more pleasant realizing I’m putting beneficial things all over!

The best part is she does really awesome work with what she does that you don’t need to be as cautious while utilizing regular items. She conceals any imperfections or dark circles without making me look cakey or any such thing – her cosmetics is similarly as impeccable as some other!

She has a great sense of humor.

Lucy is an admirer of everything fashion and beauty. She’s been publishing content to a blog beginning around 2011. En route, she’s gleaned some useful knowledge about fashion, cosmetics, style, hair care and significantly more. She loves to impart her encounters to perusers so they can gain from her as well!

You can find her understanding magazines or looking at different sites for motivation when she isn’t writing for a blog. At times she spruces up in outfits ideal for exceptional events or get-aways. You can likewise see her cooking new recipes, taking pictures of blossoms and different plants, or simply loosening up before the television at home. Lucy loves sharing life’s promising and less promising times on this blog with you!


Lucy is a fashion blogger from London, Britain, who surveys the most recent dress patterns. She additionally loves to offer guidance on the most proficient method to nail the ideal cosmetics look and offers her #1 beauty items. To keep awake to date with the most stylish trend patterns, then, at that point, make certain to look at The Day to day Mask! I genuinely want to believe that you delighted in perusing my post. Remain tuned for additional posts soon!

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